The Value of Visual Art : Immerse Yourself at Summer Meltdown

For me, festivals that become a fully immersive experience are the most fun. Somewhere you can go and all five senses are piqued for the entirety of the festival. This year Summer Meltdown   is creating that environment once again with an incredible array of visual artists and their individual art installations.

  1. Live Painting: Danny Stephens

There’s nothing quite like watching live painting. Being able to see an artist’s process and watch it as it transforms into something incredible.  

“I left Mississippi in 2010 to pursue adventure which led to a degree in art from the University of Utah in 2015 after traveling around the west. My initial interests were in impressionism but through my own spiritual and intellectual development discovered visionary art. This led to a life in Portland, Oregon with my wife and child where I focus on mostly painting, both in the studio and live at shows. My aim is to evoke curiosity, both in what we have put theories to as well as what we can’t yet formulate into language.” Stephens bio says.

  1. Installation: Galactic Pyramids

Something tangible that you can touch and potentially challenge your way of thinking is the epitome of brilliance when it comes to art— in my humble opinion.

“I want to set up three 12 foot pyramid frames. Each place will be adorned with an organite pyramid cast and fused with quartz crystals, gold leaf, and copper LEDs as a source of light. Each space will be decorated with materials from the surrounding areas (i.e rocks and fallen leaves and twigs). A mural of a galaxy will be placed at the base of each pyramid, for people to see the depths of space as a portal formed on the ground.

The intention is for the pyramids to serve as a beacon to the late night tent, a portal for the metaphysical, as well as serve as a space for people to calm their mind and recenter. These installations are meant as spaces to reflect and emerge with bright new energy and light. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves, “I am what I am. What I am is enough.”

You are always enough but stumbling upon an installation that is a beacon of positivity and reminder of your worth is the warmth we love about Summer Meltdown.

  1. Installation: Orbital Garden

This is a interactive installation. Get your entire camp and go play in the wooded wonderland that is Summer Meltdown and get intergalactic at Orbital Garden where up to 31 people can work together to control the lighting and movement of this installation at a time! Think you got it figured out? Think again! This installation switches up the controls at separate intervals making for a whole new experience each time you happen upon it.

“Morgan Ferry is a software engineer. Terrance Wirsching is a manufacturing engineer. Together we bring creativity in art and science. We have been attending Summer Meltdown for close to ten years and were inspired by the festival itself to make this project specifically to invite exploration and have fun. Interests: Fun, Music, Electronics, industrial design, metal work, plastics engineering and software engineering. For years we have wanted to contribute something to the festival that has given so much to us and are very excited for the opportunity to give something in return.”

As returning Summer Meltdown lovers ourselves we are excited to see the love and appreciation that has gone into this installation from others who are returning the love to the festival as well.

These are only a few of our faves. Go check out the Summer Meltdown website   for more and be sure to grab you tickets soon so that you can come enjoy each of these yourself.

Luna Reyna

Luna Reyna (she/ella) is the founder of RIZE Entertainment. She is deeply invested in shifting power structures and centering the work and voices of marginalized communities within the industry.