Sensory Illumination X – More Than Just A Party

Photo Credit:Riley Brunett

As the ever-expanding EDM scene in Boise continues to grow, new events and Festivals are popping up in and around the Valley every year. There is however, one event that has solidified the Burning Man community in Boise for the past 10 years and this Saturday at China Blue is the anniversary. The 10th annual Sensory Illumination party is a fundraiser event. Proceeds go toward the artists and organizations that make it all happen. One of which is the Altitude Lounge. The Altitude Lounge is Boise’s tallest relaxation station on the Playa!

This year’s theme is Psychedelic Rainforest so make sure to rock your Amazonian apparel and costumes for under the canopy. There will be over 20 different DJ’s bumbin’ beats on 4 stages, filling China Blue entirely with their sensational setup of backlights, fog, video projections, and lasers. The party extends outside into the “Black Lot,” where fire and dance performances from local and regional artists will take place as well as a variety of chill zones and art cars. The “Rage Cage” is also found outside. It is a repurposed truck with handlebars on the side that literally rocks when people decide to rage. Surely this simultaneous stimulus synchronizes into the largest EDM event held in downtown Boise. One thing that really separates Sensory from other events is the performance art. Here is a list of the performance artists to occur at this years Sensory.

Theatrical and Fire Performance Art by Circus Luminescence and Pele Rising

From Portland Oregon, Circus Luminescence brings the old circus vibe in an innovative new form. Their glowing fusion of flow arts and theatre will tickle your imagination. They create images of sacred geometry with their award winning juggling, while morphing into burlesque, comedy, and ‘proppet’ (puppets made from props) theatre.

Local to Boise, Pele Rising is a group of professional fire artists who aim to channel divine human energy through dance and interaction with fire. These embers of entertainment will definitely brighten Sensory’s “Black Lot.”

Live Acrobatics By Rose City Acro Devils

The Rose City Acro Devils formed in 2013 in Portland Oregon. Their non-conventional style breaks the boundaries of traditional circus acrobatics. They aren’t you’re typical acrobats. This stunt squad aims to tell a story in every moment. They claim to be “chameleons of acrobatics” meaning they are the pioneers of new styles of circus performance.

Live Street Art by Sector Seventeen

Sector Seventeen is an artist collective of Boise natives established in 2005. Although their art originated with graffiti, they have evolved into a multi-faceted company that provides a wide range of visual media. Their live improvisational painting will definitely put wide eyes onto any face that glances past.


Dance Performances by Ophidia Studios and Optik Entertainment

Ophidia defines themselves as, “…a safe, inclusive, and unconventional environment where men and women can feel good moving their bodies.” Classes and workshops taught at Ophidia Studio include Aerial Performance, Ballet Booty Barre, Belly Dancing, Booty Camp, Burlesque Teaser Classes, Curvesque, Hip Hop Hustle, Hooping, Poi Fire Dancing, Pole Work, Power Party Sculpting, Reflow, Sexy Floor Work, Turbo-kicking and more. Their pole performances and areal yoga will definitely add an extra visual appeal and awe to the Sensory experience.

Photo Credit: Riley Brunett
Photo Credit: Riley Brunett

Optik Entertainment is a group of local performance artists who began to express and spread their positive intentions through dance in 2012. Through dance, hooping, poi spinning and fire performances they promote self-awareness and aim to get people dancing as if no one were watching. They add an energetic experience extending further than the music. They hope to guide people to a place where dance can lead them into an escape from reality.

So, if you are in the mood for performance-palooza and musical metamorphosis then escape your cocoon Saturday night and come have your senses ILLUMINATED! The party kicks off this Saturday at 9 and goes until 2am but if this isn’t enough to satisfy your senses then head a block over to Amsterdam Lounge where the good times will roll until 5 am! Tickets can be purchased at Subspace before Friday at 7 or online anytime before the event though the Sensory website. For more details on the music, click on this link to check out the artists and their music!

Link to artist lineups and their Soundcloud

Luna Reyna

Luna Reyna (she/ella) is the founder of RIZE Entertainment. She is deeply invested in shifting power structures and centering the work and voices of marginalized communities within the industry.