Write For Us

We’re always on the lookout for writers who want to provide coverage in the form of interviews, reviews, or opinion pieces that might fit the general mission of our website. If you’re serious about working with us, read the rest of this page carefully and follow all instructions found here. Any submissions that violate these instructions will be deleted immediately.

What we’re not looking for are requests from content marketers or overseas specialists looking for backlinks or advertising on established blogs. We’re all experienced writers and we’ve seen it all.

What we are looking for are in-depth articles. General article titles like “5 reasons your band isn’t making it” won’t be accepted. Be creative and pitch us something unique. For those interested, send an email to luna@rizeentertainment.com — Be sure to include:

  • Title of Your Article
  • Reason you want to write for us
  • Links to previously published articles (If you have them)
  • Article pitch in the body, or completed article text in the body of the email (We WILL NOT open attachments unsolicited, so do not send them. We will delete them.)
  • You may use links in the body of your article as references. Irrelevant links will be deleted. Do not mask links with click trackers.

We have these guidelines to keep the content on our site top notch, but don’t think that just because you don’t have any links to send or are a new writer that we don’t want to hear from you. We all have to start somewhere.