Our Mission


Art has always been a reflection of the world that we live in and every generation of greatness is followed by uncredited appropriation and unequal reward to the people, and culture, that created it. We take pride in curating the most intelligent, intriguing, original, and edgy visionaries who provoke discussion on gender, race,  sexuality, class and ability. We understand the value of art in all its mediums and the influence that it has on the people and communities that it reaches. Everything we feature is cultivated by, and for, individuals who are utilizing their voices to elicit change.

We celebrate diversity in a socially and culturally meaningful way that advances the work of marginalized identities. 

Our purpose is to bring more diverse stories by identifying, supporting and promoting the voices of the underreported and underrepresented visionaries in the arts and culture spaces and centering them in a fresh way. Our mission is to challenge injustice and champion equality through the arts.

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