Our Mission


Art has always been a reflection of the world that we live in and every generation of greatness is followed by uncredited appropriation and unequal reward to the people, and culture, that created it. 

We curate the most intelligent, intriguing, original, and edgy visionaries who provoke discussion on gender, race,  sexuality, class, and ability — art that doesn’t depend on the benefits from imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, or heteropatriarchy to exist, be received or influence an audience. Everything we feature prioritizes the perspectives, experiences, and needs of QTBIPOC. Art that expresses the conditions of an unjust society and facilitates healing with respect and self-awareness. 

Our purpose is to disrupt white supremacy in the mainstream art world by bringing more diverse stories. RIZE identifies, supports, and promotes the voices of the QTBIPOC visionaries in the arts and culture spaces and centers them in a fresh way — challenging injustice, and championing equity through the arts. 

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