The Coalescence of the Cinephiles – Filmfort

The Flicks Cinema opened their doors in 1984 and for over thirty years has provided Boise with a unique and eccentric hub for film lovers to gather next to a fireplace with a nice glass of wine. The Flicks is famous for an artistic array of foreign films, independent movies, and all the best of Hollywood’s finest. The founders, Carole and Rick Skinner, are advocates for humanity and often use their cinema as a meeting place for supporting local human rights organizers.

The historically humble and inviting atmosphere of both the Flicks and the Owyhee are what make them the best locations for this year’s Filmfort – a unity of Boise’s rising independent film culture. Filmmakers will be hosting special screenings of their craft, along with Q & A sessions afterward.

Sonya Rosario’s, Idaho’s Forgotten War, will be the first showing at Filmfort held at the Owyhee from 4:00 to 5:30. This powerful documentary follows the stories of the Kootenai people, who were robbed of their land and livelihood. It tells the tale of Amy Trice, a Kootenai woman who fought to save her people and reclaim their homeland. Rosario travels across Idaho and the Northwest to capture the strength of Kootenai women. Rosario is truly a filmmaker that seeks to share the spirit of those she films.

Filmfort is the perfect meeting place for those interested in how to start making their own films and for cinephiles from all walks of life. The appreciation of film is a culturally necessary part of our growing art scene here in Boise and The Flicks have definitely done their part in sharing this treasured past-time. Partnering up with the Owyhee to show more films throughout the festival allows all Treeforters the ability to indulge in their love of both film and the art of the craft itself.

Get some relaxation in during the festival this year.  Filmfort is the place to get off of your feet and allow yourself to become enraptured by the art of film. This may very well be the making of many future cinephiles.