New Music Monday: Where We Start EP by JNR Williams

Where do I start with JNR Williams? JNR Williams has a unique tone coupled with a raspiness that I have only heard replicated one other time in the vocal stylings of Lyfe Jennings.

Keep Your Head Up Child

While listening to the song I couldn’t help but marvel at his unique voice. His vocals, both smooth and raspy — crunchy peanut butter paired with just the right type of jelly. His vocals made me want to bite into this new sensation. When the second verse finished, I swear my eyes were sweating (you’re crying, I’m not crying). The lyrics, although simplistic, are powerful and hit hard.

Suicide is at times glorified within popularized music. It is refreshing to see a different message entirely, urging the listeners to keep pressing forward because “the sun will shine again”. In order to start a positive change within the music industry, it starts with pieces like this.

His music video? Simply amazing. Every emotion was shared as he sang. The addition of the pianist showcased the musicians but also added to the simplicity. This was ingenious. Sometimes, simplicity is better, especially when you have such a wonderful voice.

What A Difference

This is by far one of my favorite songs on the EP. The introductory harmonization is beautifully eerie. It reminds me of early Neo Soul artist, India Arie. The song’s background vocals add a whole different element to his sound that I have to commend. The vocal range is incredible, seeing that most of his songs are sung in a lower register. By adding this range of vocals, a smooth, pleasant, almost tranquil sound was accomplished. The lyrics in the song are poetic, which just adds to the appeal. I fell in love with this song and I think you will too.

Whenever You Want 

The R&B version of an Adele song, especially with the vocals and the minor rifts. I love how this song gives a male perspective of courtship. Some people want to be pursued with text messages and calls that show the other person cares, but what about the one doing the pursuing? He wanted to let it be known that the feeling is mutual but the fear of coming off as being too needy or too clingy is real. So, they wait for a response, and that wait can be the most gruesome, causing second thoughts and questioning one’s self. I, for one, am appreciative.

JNR Williams has a lot of potential. His sound is original. I hope that he continues to explore his sound and push the boundaries. I think he is amazing and if you love the smooth sounds of Adele, Lyfe Jennings and maybe KEM you will love the sounds of JNR Williams.