Rituals of Mine “Come Around Me” (Official Music Video)

I went back before loss, before grief because I wanted to write an album that was not immersed only in pain but that could hold both sides evenly and glorify joy as well. What was life like pre-loss? I wanted to acknowledge the duality of grief and honor the lessons I have learned from it. I am wiser because of it. I went back to the root of my childhood and recreated my bedroom in a garage because I once lived in one. But that’s a story for another time. Right now, I want to focus on introducing our sophomore album, HYPE NOSTALGIA. Out 9/25/20 on @carparkrecords – pre-order the album (vinyl or CD) now on @bandcamp or on the Carpark Records website. Your support is what truly keeps us going.” – Rituals of Mine via INSTAGRAM