New Music Monday: Seattle Rapper Sol’s Latest Single – Penny

“How you getting greater when you’re afraid of your neighbor?” – Sol

“Penny is a composition meant to invoke reflection among its audience—inquiring: what is the value of one’s ‘thoughts’ to you? In a world where a single stream of a song amounts to just 8/10 of a penny, the age-old idiom “penny for your thoughts” has developed a newly ironic yet powerful meaning. So, as all art and creative ideas are contributions to our collective social commentary in one way or another, the burden of determining its value is placed on the consumer. Does it warrant a response? Does it make you think? Does it hold value beyond what you gave for it? Is it an idea worth sharing with others? These are the questions Sol The Artist asks with his piece “Penny”.” – Excerpt taken from Sol’s Youtube.

Song: Courtesy of Nima Skeemz Production, Sango Drum Production, MTK Co-Production, and Guitar Written by Elan Wright and Played by Budo. Mixed and Mastered by Teal Douville.

Penny for your thoughts?