New Music Monday | Miles Bonny

One of the fascinating aspects of music is that there is a genre that fits any mood. Workingout? You might want to be jamming out to hip hop, metal, or EDM. What if you want to relax and enjoy a mellow ride? Perhaps a melodic jazz tune that encompasses the mind and body. These are all different emotions that can be teased when listening to varieties of music. Miles Bonny definitely evokes the chill aspect of music with his trumpeting skills and the R&B influences incorporated in his music.

His multi-talented background allows listeners to take part on a soothing journey. The trumpeter, singer-songwriter, record producer, and DJ has it all. Not only does he own record label “Innate Sounds,” but has collaborated with numerous musicians.


Miles latest EP “Let it Out” includes six tracks that will navigate you to melodic bliss. The song that stands out the most for me is, “I’ll Be Here for You.” The reason this track makes the biggest impression is the poetic lyrics Miles sings under his trumpet. His notion of having so much more really ties in the fact that inner beauty isn’t something you can just purchase from a store. The producer behind “Let it Out” is no novice either. He goes by the moniker Ta-Ku. The musical cohesiveness with Ta-Ku‘s hip-hop and R&B background blends well with the soul influences backing Miles’ musical preference on this EP. Make sure to check out this EP and take note of  the lyrics. Do they speak to you differently?